Welcome at Jardin-Âge
About 20 years ago , Jardin-âge began to implant the pleasure and the benefits of gardening, in nursing homes. To achieve their goal they conceived or adapted gardening equipment , to make them accessible for disabled people..

During our gardening workshops leadership , it appeared that people in wheelchairs couldn''t benefit of rocking . Then we imagined ,with the help of a therapist , an adapted swing. After that we met Veranda industries who believed in our ideas , and thanks to their collaboration was born the "rocking patio". Presently we''re working on a small-scale model.

Being aware of safety, we thought to develop a way to block automatically the movement of chairs on bearings, because, always during our workshops, we had difficulties to help people to stand up again. Thus, with the therapist''s help, Veranda and us worked on a lot of models and prototypes before satisfaction for all. Recently, l''Institut de gériatrie de Montréal, used our auto-lock rocking chairs to make their research about benefits of rocking.

Being the forerunner in that field, our chair (outdoor/indoor) is simply called "auto-lock rocking chair" : is name says all. Newly, we produce a "love seat" and a 4 places swing with the same principle.

Our mission , which is to make secure and accessible gardens , is continuing and evolving according to client''s demands. You are invited with the help of the menu, at your left , to go round in our garden.



Estelle Comeau
Léonard Méthot

Some benefits of horticultural work
*Help the understanding of abstract concepts like: the changing, the time, the death, etc.
*Increase the self-esteem and the self-actualisation by the results of their work
*Preservation or increase of the sense of responsability by the work done and also by the upkeep of their plants
*Physical and intellectual relaxation of participants thanks to environment, the fragrances, the colors, etc.
*Preservation or increase of the memorization by a weekly job on the plants, grown by themselves. And also by a known job that is repeating from one generation to the other without big changes.
*Help the sociabilization, thanks to a common job allowing the discussions, the sharing of our products, etc.
*Help to the integration of new arrivals and also people of diverse cultural community, because the gardening is done in every social class and in every country.
*Help to the exercise of the perseverence and the patience, because we got to allow the time at a plant to grow, from the seed to the maturity.
*Preservation of physical autonomy by the little efforts needed for the work and also (in some case) in going to the garden.
*Preservation or increase of the fine dexterity and also of the coordination, by the movements needed for the work.
*The Rivières des Prairies hospital have collaborated with Jardin-Âge in the production of a video entitled "La Tête en Fleur" on hortitherapy, documentary directed by the CECOM. Some benefits of horticultural work is took out of it.